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Ganso Takoyaki-Tei Mild Sauce (Yellow Bag) (58g)

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Short Description

Japanese crispy corn balls with octopus and sea lettuce.



Ganso Takoyaki-Tei Mild Sauce. Light and crispy japanese snack balls made with corn flour. Taste the flavour of Osaka! Inspired at the popular Takoyaki Snack. Try the fried Octopus puffs with a seasoning mix made of soy, fish broth and sea lettuce.



Inhaltsstoffe corn (not genetically modified), vegetable oil, powder source (mumps source), sugar, tomato flavor powder, salt, protein hydrolyzate, sea lettuce, powdered vinegar, spices, powdered dried bonito, octopus powder, seasoning (amino acid etc.), eggshell calcium, coloring (caramel, carotenoids), flavoring, acidulant, sweeteners (sucralose, stevia, licorice), spice extracts, milk, wheat, soy, chicken, apple Common Allergens: Eggs,Wheat, Milk, Soy, Fish Also Contains: Mollusk Shellfish


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