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Luxlait EggNog (750ml) (BEST BY 19-12-2020)

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The perfect drink for Thanksgiving and Christmas.



Eggnog is a traditional American dairy drink that is consumed mainly during the winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Fortunately you don't have to wait for the winter season. Thanks to the method of preparation, EggNog has a long shelf life and can be consumed throughout the year. Have you always been curious what eggnog tastes like? A coctail of milk and egg with a delicious splash of rum and a pinch of cinnamon. Besides just drinking EggNog it can also be used in other dishes, such as french toast or you can make a delicicous eggnog latte or eggnog pound cake.



Inhaltsstoffe Pasteurized milk, cream (milk), sugar, flavors, fibers: psyllium, modified starch, stabilizers: cellulose gum, gellan gum, color: beta-carotene, salt.


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